Union of Arab Universities Award for Distinguished Scientific Theses

Date: 16.11.2023

 The Union of Arab Universities announced the opening of nominations for the best master’s thesis and the best doctoral thesis award for the year 2023 in various fields, including basic and applied sciences related to employing modern digital technology to achieve sustainable development goals, as well as in the field of green economy and its impact on human health, in addition to the humanities and social sciences related to mental health topics.

In this context, applicants with Master's and Doctoral degrees must fulfill the following conditions to qualify for the award.

  1. The project nominates only one thesis from the previous thesis discussed at the university for the academic years 2020/2021/2022 in the fields referred to.
  2. It requires that the candidate hold an academic degree from the university to which the dissertation is affiliated.
  3. The message must be characterized by creativity and innovation.
  4. Contribute in solving the problems of Arab society.
  5. If your research have published in a peer-reviewed international scientific journal, or achieved a patent in the fields of basic and applied sciences, medical sciences, engineering sciences and technology, and agricultural sciences, you must provide proof of this.
  6. The nominated scientific thesis should be sent electronically with its summary in Arabic, and the number of lines of the summary must not exceed twenty, for theses written in foreign languages. In addition, the researcher's CV and personal photo must be submitted.
  • The deadline for applying to the award will be December 25, 2023.

Only four awards are selected from among all the candidates from Arab universities, and the awards consist of two doctoral awards and two-master’s awards.

Distinguished thesis awards in the doctoral program include $4,000 for first place and $2,500 for second place. As for the Distinguished Thesis Awards in the Master’s Program, they include $2,000 for first place and $1,500 for second place. Nominations can be sent via email.Aaruprize2023@aaru.edu.jo


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