Damietta University continues to appear in international rankings

Date: 21.11.2023

        Damietta University maintained its appearance in the British Times Arab University Rankings THE: Arab University Rankings 2023 for the third year. In its evaluation of Arab universities, it relies on the same methodology used in the Times classification of world universities, with (16) standard performance indicators equivalent to 100%. It was distributed into five main areas in the following proportions:

Teaching (learning environment) 30%,

 and research (volume or rate of research productivity, research income, research reputation) 30%,

Reference citations (research impact) 30%,

 Internationalization (international students, international professors, international cooperation) 7.5%,

 Application in industry (knowledge transfer) 2.5%,

With some modifications that included some new standards, such as the extent of scientific cooperation between Arab countries, the extent of the impact of research published in the Arabic language, study abroad, and patents. Damietta University ranked 101-120 out of a total of 313 ranked Arab universities. Note that the percentages for some indicators have been changed from last year and some new measures have been added.

On this occasion, His Excellency Professor Dr. Hemdan Rabie, President of the University, extends his deepest thanks and appreciation to all the University’s employees, including leaders, faculty members, supporting staff, and administrators. His Excellency also extends his thanks to Professor Dr. Amany Al-Desty, Director of the International Classification and Publishing Unit at the University, for the effort she and the classification team made to complete the university’s data required for this classification.

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