The English Language Department


We seek the English Language Department (ELD) to be a scientific characterized center among the languages departments in the various Egyptian universities in the fields of English language teaching , translation , scientific research , services and consultations.


The department seeks to helping our students to master the basic English language skills, translating from English into Arabic and vice versa and providing them with information about English literature with its various branches so as to qualify them to work in the various fields related to the English language as teaching , translation , tourism and others.


The department aims to present agraduate who:

  • 1-has the ability to compete in the international , local or domestic business market.
  • 2-is aware of the social and cultural values that he believes in .
  • 3-copes up with the cultural and social values of the western society, without being affected by their negative side .
  • 4-is able to think creatively and conclude excellently .
  • 5-is capable of connecting with the surrounding environment  .