Faculty Aims

1- To develop the ability of achievement for student.

2- To provide the regional standards to the possible maximum and the international standards to the great maximum for graduate.

3- To comply with qualitative in the student preparation programs more than quantity.

4- To develop the education and leaning system and activate its philosophy.

5- To achieve the overall quality which represented in the graduate of this faculty.

6- To develop environment and community service .

7- Preparing outputs have the ability to bear the academic responsibility and certify links among the corresponding departments in the faculties of Arts at the international universities where benefit by the experiments, experiences, styles and controls that achieve the scientific sobriety in the outputs of the environmental faculties.

8- To update the mechanisms of courses and to develop its scientific curricula according to the requirements of the local market and the quick scientific development in the world this means to update the general content of the study and its arrangement methods.

9- Confirms on integration among the faulty outputs, the overall development and upgrade the level of graduates and qualify and train them to be able to absorb the future technical development.

10- Coordination between local considerations and maintain the national identity and between the global requirements of drafting systems and the learning and researches programs.

11- Consistency with the international variables and openness to the educational and international researches institutions and organizations.

12- The necessity of adopt strategies to assure the quality of the educational process inside classrooms, laboratories and workshops.