The Faculty of Arts in Damietta at Mansoura University has seen many various stages till it wasdeclared as an independent faculty. At the beginning, it was many classrooms that affiliated to the Faculty of Arts at Mansoura University. At this time it is called classrooms of Arts at Damietta. The place of it was in the Faculty of Arts at Damietta. At this time it was able to exert and give. It graduated many students that service the society until it declared as an independent faculty not affiliated to the Faculty of Arts at Mansoura under the republican resolution no. 267 for the year 2006. After that the faculty moves to a new place next to the Faculty of Agriculture. At this time, many accomplishments and developments happened in the buildings of the faculty and the interior developments from building units as the e-learning unit and quality and accreditation unit as a branch of university performance development center. The faculty considers a center for scientific, intellectual and skill exchange with the surrounding community and a "service" reference in all historical, social, media and technology that related to it. This relates to the educational, researches and developmental aims that seek to achieve it.